An Update/Home Remodel

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and encouraging words about the loss of my blog.

Many suggested I use this Facebook page to share updates in the meantime, I think I’ll do that.

While I was taking a break from the blog we completed some EXTENSIVE renovations on our home – with the help of Rosey Homes LLC we gutted to the studs our kitchen, living room and dining room.

I’m working on a full blog post to post on my mom’s blog, Jo’s Country Junction with the full update but thought I’d share a little sneak peek while it’s actually clean for once 😜

Craig and I just got done with our weekly Sunday jam session/deep cleaning so here is a before and after. This is the exact same view.

Don’t mind the mess on the before picture, we had already started demo when I thought to take before pictures.

We still aren’t quite sure what to do with the shelves in the kitchen, I tried putting my antique nursing collection up there but it didn’t quite sit right.

I definitely feel the need to add our family’s personal touch to the remodel so I’m trying out some picture frames but I’m not sold on those yet either.

Thanks again for your support! You haven’t seen the last of me yet 😉

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2 responses to “An Update/Home Remodel”

  1. The Joyful Quilter Avatar

    Congratulations on the gorgeous kitchen remodel! I look forward to all the gory details over on your Mom’s blog when your post goes up. :o))

  2. Darlene Avatar

    Beautiful remodel. Remodeling is always trying experience but so woth it in the end.
    When reading your mom’s blog today I was actually going to comment and ask her about your remodel. I decided to look up your Facebook page and found this blog. Question answered!

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