A Lesson…

We went out to eat last night and to make a very LONG story short, we waited a LONG time for our food.

So long in fact, I ended up taking my very impatient 18 month old outside after he made several scenes in the restaurant.

We were out walking on the sidewalk, and Anders kept trying to run into the street into oncoming traffic. Over and over again, he would rip his hand out of my hand and try to run into the street.

I was getting frustrated and eventually I just carried him on our walk and didn’t let him have the opportunity to get away from me and put himself into harms way.

As I was walking back to the restaurant, I thought to myself how many times God must have thought the same thing about me.

How many times I have metaphorically let go of his hand and tried to run into oncoming traffic and how many times He took that opportunity away from me for my own good, for my own safety, for my own protection. He could see the bigger picture. He could see the dangers He was keeping me away from even when I couldn’t.

I’ve had a bit of a rough walk on my faith journey the past year but His message rang loud and clear last night and I wanted to share it with you all on this stormy Sunday evening.

(And yes, we did eventually get our food. The boys were so terrible a sweet old lady stopped on her way out and said ‘I sure hope you get your food soon dear.’) 🙃🙃🙃

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5 responses to “A Lesson…”

  1. Anita B Avatar
    Anita B

    Beautiful analogy.

  2. Hedy Avatar

    Yesterday an embarrassing thing happened to me. A check I’d given to someone was returned. Later I realized I had sent money to an online savings account and did not have the money in my checking account after all. My husband and I talked about how poor I was as a child and then later as a divorced mother and had no money. God was with me all that time and now I have enough money I forgot I had sent it to savings. God is good, and I’m grateful. My message is God may be slow but never late.

  3. Cathy Salt Avatar
    Cathy Salt

    Thank you for putting into words how I have so often felt.
    Your journey is so much like mine. I have 3 sons and my faith has wavered many times over my 67 years.

    You have renewed my faith a few more steps.

  4. Holly Avatar

    Thanks sweet girl for the lesson. I always tell people with rowdy kids (we had 3 in 4 years) the only people those babies are bothering is you. Even my 74 year old husband now makes faces and talks to every single little kid we see. We love them, not all people can see the future in their eyes. I remember a few kind people when we were young, broke and at ours wits end stopping and saying “the only people your kids are bothering is you” and “ don’t worry about it, you will turn around twice and they will be grown”. Jesus misses us when we don’t come to him in prayer.

  5. Carolyn Avatar

    Good lesson one for all of us

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