What’s a DINK WAD?

Yes, you read that right. This week on the podcast we are interviewing one of my best friends Gabe. Gabe identifies as a DINK WAD which stands for “dual income no kids with a dog.” Our podcast is typically based around mom life and Gabe offers a unique perspective on what life on a different path may look like. We also talk about how barriers that the average 30 year old couple faces when deciding whether or not to have more kids or any kids at all.

Gabe talks about life with her husband Kevin and their Corgi waffles. She is a guest this week (the episode is out for listening now) and again in a few weeks she will be back on to talk about the challenges in maintaining friendships as adults.

It was so fun catching up and introducing her to my other gal pals Hannah and Sarah!

We have new podcast episodes out every Friday! You can listen wherever you get podcasts. I usually listen on Apple Podcast but you can also listen on Spotify! Here are a few links:

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