Weekend Recap

Well we just had a super awesome weekend and I wanted to share about it.

Craig still can’t be in the field because of the rain but that didn’t stop us from planting at home! We went and picked up some bridal wreath spirea and some hydrangeas to plant. About $250 later, we’ve got the place spruced up and Craig has his little herb garden ready to roll.

The boys made an army base for our gerbils, Treebie and Louise. It was quite extensive with all of the army accessories they could find. The boys love making them bases and mazes. It’s really fun, we all just love having gerbils.

We also had to make a stop at McDonalds to let the kids play on the play place and burn some energy. Here’s Anders enjoying his chicken nuggets. Thank goodness for indoor playgrounds on rainy days!

Craig and I and the kids also tried a new church on Sunday. It’s really hard for us to find church that really feels like “home” because a) we have really little kids who just don’t tolerate church very well and b) Craig grew up Catholic and I grew up Lutheran. This new church is non-denominational and we really enjoyed it. They have excellent kids programming during church so the boys had a blast while Craig and I were actually able to get something out of the sermon because we weren’t chasing kids. We are all looking forward to going again next week.

We are loving having Craig to ourself on the weekend but we know he really needs to be in the field. It’s getting to the point they are behind on planting so we are praying for good weather so the crops can get planted.

As for me, its nurses week this week and next week is my birthday and mother’s day! It’s a really fun two weeks with some big plans! Gannon is graduating from preschool, I’m turning 29, I’ve got a hair appointment, the boys (both Gannon and Carver) start ball practice, and some other fun things in the works 🙂

That’s all I have for now, thanks for reading!

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  1. Joe Sullivan Avatar
    Joe Sullivan

    We had those Spirea plants when I was growing up. there were 3 in a corner of our yard. they were so big that we(kids) actually made a ‘club house’ under them until my mom found her throw rugs we pilfered for it……

  2. Kate Avatar

    What a great weekend you had! So fun for your sweet little family. It is always fun to hear about your family and see pictures of those growing boys!

  3. Karen Avatar

    I know you must be crazy busy, but it’s wonderful having you back blogging! Missed you!

  4. Patty Rhoades Avatar
    Patty Rhoades

    Love reading about your Family!

  5. Martha W in WY Avatar
    Martha W in WY

    That was a very productive weekend for you and the family. I understand the field delays. My husband is waiting on parts so he can get back to plowing. We need moisture here. They say next week we’ll get some. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. The winds have been 40+ mph with gusts at 70+ mph. That really really dries out the soil.

  6. The Joyful Quilter Avatar

    Sounds like a big couple of weeks! You did a lot more damage at the plant store than I did, but I bet it will be nice to have fresh herbs to cook with. Happy birthday, Kalissa! Best of luck to Gannon in kindy next year.

  7. Hedy Avatar

    Great to hear your news. Your boys are getting so big now, I can remember when you were a teenager. Life goes by fast.

  8. Susan V Avatar
    Susan V

    What a nice update! I hope your herbs are robust in the near future. I don’t know if you plant basil but if you need a great pesto recipe, try Ina Garten’s. Yum!

  9. Donette Kurtz Avatar
    Donette Kurtz

    Glad to hear you are getting back in church. It’s something you and your family will grow in Christ and be life changing.

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