Christmas in June

I found a reel the other day and it said “My toxic trait is that when I get overstimulated by stuff, I just start throwing it away.” and that is for sure me.

I don’t like stuff, I don’t like toys everywhere, I don’t like clutter. In my house, everything has a place and there’s a place for everything. Now that doesn’t mean my house is always clean but it does mean that it’s pretty easy to clean up because there’s not a lot of stuff.

This theory backfired on me the other day when I kicked Carver off of screens for the afternoon. Gannon LOVES screen free time. He will play legos and army men ALL DAY LONG without even thinking about the TV or the computer. Carver on the other hand, is a tech whiz and teaches himself how to play new games on the xbox all the time.

So I told Carver to find something to do and he said “Mom, what do you want me to do? We don’t have any toys.” Well crap. Now don’t get me wrong, we have toys. We have duplo legos and little Legos coming out of our ears. We’ve got a football and a pool. We’ve got bricks and blocks to stack and play. Anders has a few age appropriate toys but for Carver, there’s really not a ton of options to truly PLAY with.

So I turned to Amazon. I sat down with the boys and we came up with a wish list. So far we LOVE the toys we chose and I wanted to share them with you all.

First up is this game cube. Yes, technically its still electronics but it’s kind of a fun brain stimulating toy. It came with instructions but Carver (my tech whiz) picked it up and started playing it within minutes. Because we picked out the toys together and read the reviews, he turns to me and said “Mom, give this a five star review on Amazon!”

It’s a little spendy but super easy to take on car rides and we got it on sale. It’s got great reviews and keeps Carver entertained for long periods of time. It’s easily rechargeable too. This would be a great birthday present for kiddos between 6 and 9 years old. Carver figured out all the games right away, he’s almost 8 but now he’s playing to beat his previous high score. Here is the link:

Next up is a Montessori toy for Anders. He was in the nursery at church and they said he loved playing with this car ramp. So I found it online and boy he sure does love it. It only comes with four cars so you can imagine how quickly those would get lost BUT they do have replacement cars.

For our Army Man Gan (and Carver) we got some Army guy toys. Just little green Army men but what really made them fun were these army themed magnetiles. Gannon also told me that these deserve a five star review. The boys have been pretend battling (I’ve had to ban nuclear weapons in the Friedman home) ever since they came.

and of course we’ve gotta have water toys. We got our pool from Amazon this year and the boys have been loving it, even when I think its way too cold. They had some friends over the other day and here they are in the pool:

We also got these magnetic reusable water balloons that have great reviews on Amazon and now I see why. The boys easily refill them in the pool and it doesn’t leave the little tiny pieces all over the yard.

So that’s what is new (literally) at the Friedman house. We got a few other toys too, a pokemon puzzle, a rubics cube, and some other “boredom buster” toys. We are also making a stop to our local toy lending library where (with a small membership fee) you can rent and borrow toys for 3 weeks at a time and then return them to pick out more toys. I think this is an awesome program and I can’t wait to check it out and see what they have to help keep the boys off the TV this Summer.

4 responses to “Christmas in June”

  1. Hedy Avatar

    Your idea to buy toys that the boys enjoy sounds great. I remember my little brother having the green army guys with tanks etc, he played with them for hours. My mother kept them and after she died, I kept them. Later I gave them to his daughter for her sons. Boys like activities more than girls and it looks like you got the right ones for them.

  2. The Joyful Quilter Avatar

    The beginning of summer break is a great time to get the kids each a new toy!

  3. Kate Avatar

    Reusable water balloons would be a hit for sure. That magic cube looks like something my grandson would have loved, he’s almost 11 so guess he might be too old. This was such a good idea – Christmas in June. The boys are growing up so fast, all such cuties too!

  4. Susie Avatar

    Good job to get such good options to screen time! My kids liked having a bucket of water with a big paint brush to “paint” the fence or drive way.

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