Friedman Fam Update

I wanted to share a little bit about what I’ve been up to the past 6 months.

First of all, we got gerbils.

I had a hamster named Junie B when I was in 1st grade and I LOVED her. She was so sweet and let me hold her and play with her. So for Christmas, I went to get the boys a hamster and ended up with two gerbils, Thelma and Louise. Unfortunately, Thelma passed away shortly after we got her so we had to get a replacement gerbil. Gerbils are very social and they need a partner or they can get super depressed and even die without a partner.

So, we went back to the pet store and brought home Treebie (named by Gannon of course). To say the gerbils are well loved and cared for would be an understatement. I went a *teensy* bit overboard with their cage and I’m super proud of it. We’ve done a ton of research (YouTube) on gerbil care and building the perfect habitat for them and it’s been really fun. Even Craig loves Treebie (Louise is kind of a spaz and doesn’t like to be held) and gets her out of her cage to say hello.

We went to Wisconsin Dells in February

We usually go every year but realized we skipped the last two years so we made the trek to the Dells and had a blast! We brought a baby sitter with to help with the boys and that made a world of difference. Shout out to Sofie! A great time was had by all.

I joined a podcast!

In November, two friends reached out and asked if I wanted to start a podcast with them! If you know me, or if you’ve followed the blog long enough, you know that I’ve wanted to start a podcast for a long time!

The podcast is called Thirty, Crying, and Trying, a play on “thirty, flirty, and thriving” as made famous by the movie 13 going on 30 with Jennifer Garner, a favorite of ours.

Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving? More like Thirty, Crying, and Trying.

Sarah, Hannah and me!

Join us as three moms who are just trying to figure life out. We have a few cries along the way, but we’re always trying. Listen for new episodes every Friday wherever you get your podcasts. I would recommend starting with Episode Sixteen – Get to know us! Here it is:

We got plenty of fresh air!

This weather has been absolutely beautiful in Iowa. We’ve spent so much time outdoors this Winter its been so so nice. The boys often don’t even need coats!

One more thought before I go, Facebook is trialing a bonus program and I’ve been selected to earn money through posting content on Facebook but it depends on the amount of interaction and comments I get. I’m in the trial period and if it goes well, it could lead to more opportunities. If you would, please consider giving this post a like on Facebook or leave a comment it would mean the world to me.

That’s all I have for today folks! Thanks for reading!

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13 responses to “Friedman Fam Update”

  1. Betty Price Avatar
    Betty Price

    So glad to see your update. Your boys have grown so much since we saw them last.

  2. Judy Adams Avatar

    Glad you’re back!

  3. Sherri c Avatar
    Sherri c

    Nice to “see” you all again!

  4. Joy in NW Iowa Avatar
    Joy in NW Iowa

    Great pictures and update. I cannot believe how much your little guy looks like Gannon. So fun to see you again!
    Are you still working two hours away?
    Take care and I will look for you again!!

  5. Gwen Adams Avatar
    Gwen Adams

    I can’t believe how big the boys are getting! Excited to listen to the podcast!

  6. Hageman Dianne Avatar
    Hageman Dianne

    Glad to see you’re up and running again!

  7. Shelly Avatar

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog! Glad you remedied your situation and stayed with us!

  8. Julie McLerran Avatar
    Julie McLerran

    I missed seeing pictures of all of you. The boys have grown so much. You are still as pretty as ever. I am glad you are back.

  9. Jane Saunders Avatar
    Jane Saunders

    Your “Thirty, Crying and Trying sounds like fun. Aiways good to hear from you.

  10. brendalynne1 Avatar

    Is Anders as much ahead of Carver and Gannon on the physical spectrum as he seems ?? He already seems so much older sizewise than i remember the photos of the older two. Of course, they are all really handsome young boys. It is nice seeing Gannon looking so much healthier in his photos. Since Grandma Joey doesnt have them as part of childcare we are missing seeing them. Carver and Gannon really kept us in great stories for awhile.

  11. The Joyful Quilter Avatar

    Great update! I’m off to check out the podcast…

  12. Karen Miller Avatar
    Karen Miller

    So glad to he a r from you again! Good luck on this new venture.

  13. Joan Boardman Avatar
    Joan Boardman

    I knew you would be back.

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