New Cross Stitching Shirts!

I’m excited to announce I have a few new cross stitching shirts to share with you! I teased a sneak peek in a recent blog post. These are the mock ups I’ve made. I design all of my own shirts on Adobe Illustrator.

I’m not a cross stitcher myself so I don’t understand all of the cute little sayings but I saw “counting queen” on a stitching bag and ran it by my mom who said “count twice stitch once!” and I thought up this shirt:

The CUT SEW PRESS shirt is a reprint. This is one of my best selling long sleeve tees but I’ve never offered it in a short sleeve and I really don’t have a lot of purple shirts available either. I thought this was a really pretty color

and finally, I can’t really release new shirts without including a v-neck! I did see this saying on another shirt on Etsy but I reimagined the layout and text. It was pretty tricky trying to get the outline to lay just right over CROSS STITCH.

You can find all of these shirts and more on my Etsy shop:

They are on PRE-ORDER – these will not ship until early July so please keep that in mind when you place your order. As always, I so appreciate your business and look forward to fulfilling your orders!

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